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What is SABOIS?





SABOIS is the South Australian Breeders' and Owners' Incentive Scheme. It helps maximise interest in qualified horses and provides financial rewards to breeders or nominators, owners, trainers and jockeys over and above standard prizemoney.

Who does SABOIS apply to?

Horse eligibility falls into three categories:

  • South Australian sired horses (Category 1)
  • South Australian breed backs (Category 2)
  • Horses of South Australian breeders (Category 3)

Anyone who breeds or races horses, from the hobbyist to the professional can be involved. Trainers and jockeys also derive significant direct and indirect benefits from SABOIS .

Where will SABOIS bonus races be run?

Every racing club in South Australia will host SABOIS bonus races. 2018 foals nominated for SABOIS are eligible to compete for bonuses in over 400 races throughout the whole of South Australia.

When do SABOIS nominations close?

SABOIS owner nominations for foals born in 2018 close May 31, 2020. No SABOIS nomination forms in those respective nominating categories for eligible foals born in 2018 will be accepted after those respective specified dates. Breeders may also pay the owner nomination fee any time up to May 31, 2020.

When do SABOIS races commence?

Foals born in 2018 will begin racing for SABOIS bonuses from August 2020 when they turn two-years-old.