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Eligibility & Nomination Fees

To be eligible to participate in SABOIS, horses foaled in 2019 must fall into one of the following categories:


South Australian Sired - Horses by stallions who stand in SA.

  • Nomination Fee: FREE


Breed Back - Horses by stallions who do not stand in SA provided the dam is bred back to a SA-based stallion in the year the horse is born.

  • Nomination Fee: $550. (payable by 31.01.21)


South Australian Breeder - Horses by stallions who do not stand in SA provided the horse is owned, at birth, by a South Australian breeder or the dam is bought by a South Australian breeder with the horse, as a weanling or foal at foot of that mare.

  • Nomination Fee: $825 (payable by 31.01.21)


A horse foaled in 2019 and falling into one of the above categories not "SABOIS Nominated" by 31.01.21 can be "Fully Qualified" by paying the applicable LATE NOMINATION FEE by 30.06.20

Note - Should a horse be eligible under more than one category, then the lowest fee applies.

*Fees are GST inclusive